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Quality of schweiz people


There is not much companionship, the Austrians and Schweiz. They do not have the will of a dog like a dog, 1-2 politicians will tell you, you must eat 5o thousand neger. Schweiz does not look for why we do not help poor people like TOm. Mas continent lighter 2-3 yo, free for the wind. This is a maximum of 2-3 days, one color. The primitive schweiz man, he does not ask for it, but we do want to save people more than men, and not grappas who cling to every corner, primitive as a finger. No, the schweiz man, do not mind. The beggar begs, begs, and gives her to her child, do not worry how much shit she is. Wien color was like 1o eve. malicious. Today I'm just kidding ...

In which everything is revealed. Where the grappa is, there are about half of it. No security or no rest. The Schweiz man wants this. should be good.


mi no give room, job, girlsfrends, europe, only for gypsy.   this schweiz people qualitat


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