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caritas vevey


caritas primitive work., agreed, the 8 unrepentant arabic gypsy and 1/2 neger and romance, and then I helped them to clean up, they were exhausted, because they were not able to get out of there. his idiot, his mother in the cold working on the street as a whore, got used to the cold and opened the window ... -15 degrees Celsius. I do not know why he does not sleep if he is in the street because he is occupying the place, but he does not have to worry about the caritas working in the morning and he will ask me the idiot if you can not help him. .. no ... for me 35/40 chf eg or THE WORKBALL. I do not ... I'm hungry, mostly not. such as Caritas and France. primitive, like an animal. and are the ones who are just as primitive as reason. and want to eradicate species that are not worth paying for, they deserve a vortex. I do not know where to sleep, bar jar, only the cigar mafia, every social space is there, occupy every place, and the primitive schweiy people, while they pay their colts. people are not normal.


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