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2017 in the Hungarian system change

2017 in the Hungarian system change:


1,       DISCONTINUED REMOVAL OF LOCOMOTIVES; Pogäny Orban and the 40th thousand rablo military bouquet are voluminous

2,       back to the jovobe program, the civilizator of the Hungarian nep, a farmer's party.

3, a legitimate, reformed government, I have a 1/3 le-epitese. "To work out and work, the Hungarian eponymous program, there are plenty of free work, in the key and Hungarian epitaphs"

4, a survey of physicians' mindsets, a laxative examination and a mental health specialist. to the hungarian, not to nephew. program.


5, 1 Million, Grandmaster of the Office, a new home in the 3 rd house. justice program. and the spoiled ones.

6, I know that you know the 3 th villain, you do not have to be a thug, but I'm not coping. there are plenty of free wine, snacks, chives, and we organize them.


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